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Bo mạch máy tính nhúng

The embedded processor boards (Bo mạch máy tính nhúng) serve as a heart for any embedded system, such as a laptop computer, a trading or a data terminal, systems for transport objects or industrial enterprises. They provide the basic system functionality and performance.

Single board embedded computers can be distinguished by their form-factor

PC/104 CPU Boards and Modules

Compact Embedded CPU Boards PC / 104, PC / 104 +, PCI / 104-Express with ports with vertical system.
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Bo mạch máy tính nhúng 3.5 inch SBC

3.5 "CPU Boards are compact, have low power consumption and many I / Os. The vibration proof CPU Cards offer many expansion options
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Bo mạch máy tính nhúng Pico-ITX

Supports a variety of processors. Additional ports can be adjusted to individual requirements thanks to the front-end modules
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Bo mạch máy tính nhúng

Today the combination of modern chip sets such as Intel, AMD, VIA, as well as variety of interfaces and I/O ports make embedded boards energy efficient, a highly technology solution for graphic, computering and communication tasks. Embedded system board are designed for long term project application, as well as for use with operational systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP Embedded, Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows CE, Linux, QNX etc.

Embedded CPU Boards are applied in various spheres, including:

  • production
  • automation and control systems
  • telecommunication
  • service sphere
  • military industrial complex
  • avoinics
  • transport systems

Functionality of embedded CPU boards

Severe operating conditions (operation in extended temperature range, at strong vibrations, in dusty premises), low heat generation, high performance, reliability and fault tolerance of a system within limited mounting space – these are only some of the requirements to present embedded systems. It is hard to find a universal solution complying with all requirements. For this purpose a number of embedded CPU board form-factors have been developed. Many of them are presented in our catalog.

The use of embedded CPU boards that comply with your specific requirements can reduce time for testing and positively influence the project execution time.

Within our product range the CPU boards of leading manufactures are presented, including: Nexcom, Axiomtek, IBASE, etc. The assortment of embedded single-computers constantly expands with new models. The MC&TT specialists are ready to offer you the latest models of this equipment