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Linh kiện máy tính công nghiệp

Linh kiện máy tính công nghiệp (Computer components) are mechanical and electrical elements comprising the most essential parts of a computer. Components also include peripheral equipment, displays, keyboards, KVM consoles.

The computer components line offers the basic models, which are most frequently required in the industrial sphere.

Bo mạch máy tính công nghiệp

CPU boards equipped with the form factor of a PC plug-in card, and have the features of industrial mainboards.
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Màn hình máy tính công nghiệp

Industrial Displays and Monitors as the perfect complement to industry PC, Embedded System and Mini Box PC for individual applications and installation options.
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Nguồn máy tính công nghiệp

The wide range of industrial power supplies (power adapters) and power supply boxes that allow to distribute power to multiply surveillance systems.
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Vỏ máy tính công nghiệp

19" racks and compact housings in different variations according to the highest industry standards.
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Bàn phím máy tính công nghiệp

Keyboards for industrial use for professional data entry, trackballs and mice.
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Industrial Backplanes

Backplanes for every application; PICMG 1.0 and PICMG 1.3 full-size and half-size ISA and PCI boards.
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MC&TT offers you a broad range of computer components, that are capable to conform to a variety of requirements in business or industrial spheres, which are as follows:

  • Light and heavy industry
  • Power industry
  • Transport
  • Military industry
  • Medicine
  • Retail and service industry

Functionality of computer components

Industrial computer components are rich in functionality and characterized by advanced reliability and mean time between failures (MTBF). Only high quality materials and components are used to design the equipment for industrial purposes, which ensures long lasting performance.

The computer components assortment is comprehensive and capable to meet you wildest expectations. Our company offers the models from the leading industrial equipment manufacturers, such as: Advantech, Axiomtek, IBASE etc. Should you still be in search of a right solution, the specialists from MC&TT would be glad to guide you to the optimal decision.