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Máy tính công nghiệp

Máy tính công nghiệp, Industrial Computer, IPC systems are as varied as the demands on them: Boxed PC, Embedded Computers and 19" Rack systems are characterized by their long-term availability and high reliability.
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Máy tính nhúng

Máy tính nhúng, Máy tính công nghiệp không quạt, Embedded Computer, Embedded systems are robust, maintenance-free, energy-saving and extremely flexible and reliable computing solutions for a variety of applications. Embedded PC are best used in WIFI applications, medical, industrial and automotive applications.
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Thiết bị ngoại vi và phụ kiện

Thiết bị ngoại vi và phụ kiện, Components for industrial computer: peripherals, displays, keyboards and KVM consoles
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Truyền thông công nghiệp

Truyền thông công nghiệp, Industrial communication equipment is specially designed for harsh environments and ensure reliable connections and efficiency for industrial data networks.
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Thiết bị tự động hóa

Thiết bị tự động hóa, Modular programmable controllers, remote I/Os, HMIs and special software designed for front-end data acquisition, monitoring applications and automated process control systems.
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Camera giám sát an ninh

Camera giám sát an ninh, Video Surveillance, Complex hardware and software that provides remote visual observation of current events
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Camera công nghiệp

Camera công nghiệp, Industrial Camera
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Cảm biến đo lường

Cảm biến đo lường, sensors measure a broad array of parameters for environmental, water resource, research, and industrial applications. The sensors output electrical signals, which are transmitted to dataloggers. In addition to our extensive line of sensors, almost any commercially available sensor can be measured by our data acquisition systems.
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Bộ đổi nguồn

Bộ đổi nguồn AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC, Power supply unit provides reliable AC/DC feeding for industrial equipment. The various levels of input/output voltages are available.
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