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The challenges of the near future are various – everything is about to communicate with everything – the Internet of Things and Services (IoT) is not only a a science-fictional vision of our future anymore but to concern our everydays life now. Using sensors artificial intelligent electronics automatically optimize traffic flows, vital data is transmitted by a fingerprint from the smartphone to physicians and information flows are generated, channeled and processed.
The real and the virtual world have merged into a reality where we inhabit the technical basis for modern computing, communication equipment and systems. The automation achieves with predictive maintenance a new level where simply everything is smart: the Smart Home, Smart Energy, Smart Factory etc. Stay in touch with us on the cutting edge with your production system, server and/or network infrastructure.

TuDongHoa24.com will help you to assemble these components into an efficient solution

What does these changes mean to your company? Will you be able to remain ahead your competitors? Take advice of our professional and experienced professionals for industrial automation. The development of individual solutions for specific automation applications is one of our strengths. TuDongHoa24.com provides solutions for various professions for the entire lifecycle of automation and the entire range of industrial infrastructure and branches, such as engineers, architects, planners, contractors, manufacturers, ITC managers, operators and maintenance engineers who are responsible for these facilities. Each solution includes an integrated project management in order to ensure a free flow of information between the working processes and the project team members for optimal interoperability and cooperation.


Woodworking, pulp and paper enterprises, production in the light and food industries.
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Cảm biến đo lường và ứng dụng

Cảm biến đo lường và ứng dụng
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Enterprise Solutions

Dispatching, power supply, gas supply, heat supply, water supply, ventilation, fire and security systems, outdoor lighting, smart home
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Using special equipment, it’s possible to build robust and secure intelligent surveillance system for transport, including fire engines, ambulances and police cars.
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